An admission ticket is a document certifying the right for attendance of the paid arrangements or the services (eg. public transport travel).

Admission tickets are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs (“On peculiarities of the ticket area in the culture and art fields of the Russian Federation“).

We manufacture admission tickets.

Admission tickets manufactured following the original design and applying security technologies are an effective marketing decision supporting the commercial interests of the Events Organizers.

The admission tickets for the sport, theater and concert events are registered high-security printing products.

The strict security forms such as “Cinema ticket’, “Ticket”, “Season ticket”, ‘Excursion ticket’ “Excursion ticket” are approved by Orders of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of the Russian Federation N 231 dated back to the 8th of December 2008 and N 257 dated back to the 17th of December.

During the manufacture of the tickets we use the security and thermal paper.

Transient data is applied by inkjet printing using special inks.

The list of the documents for the Customer to place an admission ticket order.