Our specialists have been continuously designing and putting into practice new unique security technologies. Security elements of promissory notes, certificates, shares and bank checks have been thoroughly designed and can be compared to the security level of banknotes.

Each product issued by CJSC Polygraph-zashchita combines security elements corresponding to the value level of the document and requirements of a customer.

The combination of the required security elements is specified by the customer and may include as follows: raised grids, internal (latent) elements, special half tone screens, graphic elements anti copying security elements etc.

Guilloche is an ornament as thick wavy crossing lines. According to the current standards the covering area for guilloche elements is not less than 70%.

The usage of holographic foil of the spot and endless/continuous foil significantly increases the security level of the printing products. It visually identifies the original not using the special technical devices.

Our specialists have designed and patented the application type of the mechanical micro perforation as letterings composed by micro holes which are easily read in the light.

A micro text is composed by the smallest lettering. The height of the symbol is up to 250 mkm. The lettering looks like deign elements as continuous thin lines.

The Void effect and the security threads provide protection of t enclosures against an unauthorized opening.
The application type of the Void coating of the security label and fixing the tense security threads have been patented by CJSC Polygraph-zashchita.

Embossing made over the metallic paint provides the touch sign of security against photocopying.

Numbering and bar codes are made via letterpress printing by special numbering units providing the unique products. The designers of CJSC Polygraph-zashchita have made the original numbering font for the securities/bonds which is the intellectual property of our company.

The scratch coating is opaque, “soft” and easily scratched-off; it is used in the manufacture of the instant and ‘probabilistic’ lottery tickets. It maintains the features within at least 5 years.

CJSC Polygraph-zashchita is the only holder in Russia of the world level flexo scratch technologies for the manufacture of lottery tickets. The present technology has been used by such 3 world leaders of the lottery tickets manufacture as Scientific Games, G-Tech and Polar Banknote. Moreover, the technology is beyond comparison in Russia regarding the Security level.

RFID is a definition for the technologies using the radio waves for transceiving the data about the security object; it identifies only one object among the others and provides the info about the particular features of the object (a person, an animal, commodity stocks and supplies, a shop, a production area etc.)

Personalization (printing the variable data) is a product design providing the unique features of each printing run copy. The features may be as follows: graphic and text data including the surname, the name, the middle name, the address, the name of the company etc as well as the document style and the color scheme.