A tourist voucher is a document specifying the terms and confirming the payment for the travel.

For all the tourist agents and agencies providing services for selling the tourist packages!

We manufacture registered high-security forms “Tourist Vouchers” in accordance with Regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation dated back to the 6th of May 2008 no. 359.

–  the format of the form is 210х297 mm
–  the security level is V (Russian version – B) level;
–  the 1st sheet of the form is made on the exclusive water mark paper
–  the 2d sheet is made on the self-copying form
–  has a letter series and the 6-digit number
–  the price for 1 copy is 14,70 rub including VAT

Orders are accepted by fax or e-mail service.
The minimal order is for 100 copies.

A letter-order is made on the letterhead paper specifying the number of the forms. It includes all the bank and contact details: telephone and fax numbers as well as the e-mail address.

Our lawyer will provide you with a contract for Delivery of Registered High-Security forms.

The list of the documents for the Customer to place an order for the registered high-security forms “Tourist Voucher” (Registered High Security Forms Tour-1).

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