Disposable security seal sticker for Russian Post

The multilayered protective seal sticker for "Russian Post" was developed in "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" own research laboratory with participation of employees of the St. Petersburg University n.a. Professor M. A. Bonch-Bruevich (the former Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute of communication). It allowed to completely abandon the sealing wax, which postal workers have used since the time of Ivan the terrible. The patent RU № 2343560 was received for the invention.

The seal is made on the machine which was specially made in Switzerland for the LLC "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" publishing house.

The security multi-layer seal-sticker contains the bearing, adhesive and covering layers. They are connected by a connecting layer located between them, distributed along the edge of the carrier, and in separate sections between the layers to form non-adhesive cavities. Between the carrier and adhesive layers there can be easily destructible layer with VOID-effect

Key security elements:

  1. VOID effect
    The VOID security film exhibits a non-erasable word "VOID” in the destruction of the inner adhesive layer
  2. Security threads secured in a taut state
    In case of damage, the ends of the threads irreversibly diverge
  3. Multilevel security notches
    When there's an attempt to separate the seal from the carrier, it is irreversibly destroyed

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