Flexographic forms production

Flexible printing forms of different thickness and format are used for production of various labels, packaging, corrugated cardboard products.

Through the use of high-quality flexographic printing plates, our company can provide the highest quality printing and the fastest turnaround time.

We make flexographic printing forms of different thickness and format for production of various labels, packing, production from a corrugated cardboard.

Our equipment and materials used for the production of molds are designed to work with a large number of materials and paints. The required performance and quality are provided by:

  • high resolution dots,
  • high definition lines,
  • wide tonal range.

Flexographic printing forms help customers benefit from and overcome difficulties in sealing flexible packaging, corrugated board products and a wide range of labels.

Our products are developed by highly qualified specialists in individual design. We use the most advanced software tools and technologies of world-famous companies, as well as our own developments. We make prepress preparation on the modern complex of the equipment having unlimited opportunities in the field of graphic design. The graphic elements difficult to reproduce are created with the help of special licensed software.

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