Self-contained envelopes

The technology of self-contained envelopes is used all over the world. Compared with traditional letters in envelopes, they have a number of advantages, the most significant of which is the price. The cost of manufacturing and postal delivery of such products is almost twice lower, which is significant in mass mailings.

Our company develops, produces, and seals self-contained envelopes, providing the customer with the product completely prepared to dispatch. Such letters are opaque to the light due to the protective grid.

We can prepare blank forms with pre-applied glue, and the customer can personalize them on the printer and seal as needed. Self-contained are used for mailing utility bills, promotional materials, letters from banks and insurance companies.

A plasticized card with ID-document function can be integrated into the form. For the production of postal items, the letter sheet is folded and, depending on the degree of confidentiality of the document, glued to one or more sides.

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