A number of patents in the field of products security against counterfeiting using unique graphic, chemical and exclusive technological methods of protection are the result of our scientific studies.

  1. Utility model patent No. 133776 " Distribution inker and printing machine with such a device."
  2. Patent for the invention № 2343560 "Security sticker".
  3. Patent for the invention № 2363591 "Method of hot application of holograms and device for its implementation".
  4. Patent for the invention № 2374081 "Method of embossing and perforations printing products secured from counterfeiting and device for its implementation".
  5. Patent for industrial design No. 99230 "Universal form".
  6. Patent for the invention № 2596948 "Raster-moire optical system."
  7. Patent for the invention № 2596949 "Pin-drop high printing method of microlenses printing on a flat information carrier and the security element on the flat carrier of information."
  8. Patent for the invention № 2587433 "Method of obtaining of the latent image".

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