Security technologies

These technologies protect securities, documents and other products from counterfeiting or illegal alteration and editing.

The "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" group of companies has a number of patents in securing products against counterfeiting using unique graphic, exclusive chemical and technological security methods

Our specialists are constantly developing and implementing new security technologies that have no analogues in Russia. We develop elements of bills, certificates, shares, bank checks security with great care, so that these documents are with banknotes comparable in terms of security.

The "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" company pays special attention to the security printed matter production. For each document, a unique guilloche grid is created – a background pattern with an irregular structure formed from thin intersecting lines. There is a microtext executed according to requirements of regulatory documents of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on these forms. The use of holographic foil significantly increases the level of printed products security and allows to quickly determine the authenticity of the original without special technical means.

Each product that our company produces has a certain set of security elements corresponding to the level of the document value and the customer` wishes. These elements may include: relief grids, hidden (latent) elements, numbering, special rasters, graphical copy-protection elements, microtext, hologram and others.


VOID-effect can effectively secure products from unauthorized opening. Self-adhesive film of VOID type has a weak connection between its inner layers and a strong adhesive layer, which is glued to the product. When you try to tear off such a film, only the top layer is removed and the inscription "VOID", which means "invalid", appears under it. It`s impossible to re-glue the film without losing its integrity. This technology is used to protect licensed programs, household appliances, when sealing safes, sealing premises and other customer`s needs.

Security threads

These are special threads that are fixed in a taut state in a product. If the integrity of the security label is damaged, the ends of these threads irreversibly diverge, showing the fact of opening. The methods of applying the VOID layer based on the security sticker and fixing security threads taut are patented by our company.


Guilloche is an ornament in the form of a dense network of wavy figured lines intertwining with each other. According to the existing regulations guillotine elements must occupy at least 70% of the area of security printed matter.

Mechanical numbering

Numbering and bar codes made by letterpress printing with the use of special numbering devices make each sample of the product unique. The printing house artists have developed an original numbering font for security printed matter, which is the intellectual property of the enterprise.

Mechanical Microperforation

Our experts have developed and patented a method for applying mechanical micro perforation – the inscriptions consisting of a set of individual micro holes, easy to read to the light. Microperforation is applied in a special mechanical way with needles up to 250 microns in diameter with perfectly smooth edges, while on the front and back sides there is no jam.


Microtext is the smallest inscriptions in the form of continuous thin lines with a symbol height of up to 250 microns, they are perceived as elements of the document design.

Iris print

Iris printing provides a smooth transition of color from one paint to another, there is no clear border of the transition. This type of printing is used to secure banknotes and security printed matter.


Metallographic intaglio printing is a type of rotogravure printing, characterized by a higher content of pigment (usually metal one) in the paint and, consequently, higher paint viscosity and the need for more pressure at printing. There are the following advantages of metallographic method: a wide dynamic range of colorful tones, a large thickness of the paint layer, high resolution of the printed image.

"Color Step” printing

The "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" company received a patent for a unique printing technology with a close border of color transition. In fact, it is close to Orel printing, but is performed on a different principle on a flexographic machine. The patented name is "Color Step".

Relief stamping

Relief stamping is a multi-level relief image formed over the metallic or regular paint over the foil with a stamp. The technology provides effective security against photocopying. This stamping creates a pronounced tactile sign of protection, which is easily identified by touch.

Foil stamping

Foil stamping is the process of obtaining an image using a metal film pressed to paper. We also make production with a flat blind embossing.

Hologram with register

Hologram with register is a hot stamping foil pressed to the product in a strictly defined place and having clear boundaries consistent with the image. Such security elements as microtext with the height of 100 microns or less, nanotext with the letter height up to 5 microns, as well as various diffraction and kinetic images can be used in the manufacture of the hologram with register. The use of holographic foil, register or wallpaper type, significantly increases the level of the printed products security and allows you to quickly determine the authenticity of the original without special technical means.


Personalization (variable data printing) is the design of printed products, in which each copy of the circulation is printed with unique parameters. It can be graphic, textual information (surname, name, patronymic, address, company name, etc.), style and color design of the document. The most common personalized documents are bank cards, social service cards, diplomas, certificates, greeting cards, invitations. Personalization is widely used in product labeling, printing tickets, organizational materials. It is possible to combine offset and digital technologies, when the main circulation is printed offset, and variable information is printed into the product using a high-performance industrial printer.

The following is necessary for personalization (variable data printing):

  • information database,
  • original layout,
  • special personalization program,
  • high-performance digital printing equipment.


Watermark is a security element formed during paper production. It can only be seen in passing light.

Protective fibers

Protective fibers are inclusions of a color other than paper that glow in UV radiation.

Special raster

Special raster differs from the standard printing raster by using elements of unusual shapes, including custom ones.

Latent image

This is a fragment of an image that is not visually different from the rest of the design elements, but at the same time containing an image that is manifested with the help of a key – special optical instruments (lenticular plates).

Shifting color image

These design elements are created with special paints, visible and invisible in ordinary light. They have different optical properties, manifested when irradiated with UV and/or IR light sources. In this case, the element becomes visible in usual light (luminesces in the visible range of light). The security features that change color when lighting angles change or become colored from invisible also belong to this category.

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