"Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" is actively working in another direction - the production of labels. For this purpose, together with the German partners we created the big joint venture in St. Petersburg in 2011. It produces the following types of labels (including printing on the adhesive layer):

  • single-layer, double-layer and multi-layer labels,
  • booklet labels,
  • Multipack layers,
  • tear-off labels,
  • labels for closing and re-opening packages,
  • logistics and marketing labels,
  • blank and sheet labels,
  • in-mould labels,
  • reusable labels,
  • advertising stickers,
  • promotional labels,
  • labels-chips,
  • security labels,
  • shrink-sleeve labels,
  • dry labels.

The largest cosmetic companies: L'oreal, Procter & Gamble, Henkel; companies of the alcohol industry: "Tatspirtprom", "Russian alcohol", RVH, "Jupiter Incorporated", "alcohol", "First Volga VVK", LVZ, "Crystal-Lefortovo", "TVK-Kuban", "Alcohol Kit", "Golden Beam" are among our customers. Printing on the adhesive layer is the process of applying information to the back of the label, so you can read the text or see the image through a transparent container.

A multilayer label is a label folded in a special way, it can accommodate more information than a single-layer label. These products are suitable for promotions and sales.

Wine and vodka labels

Wine and vodka label is one of the oldest types of label products. Transparent films, metallized and laminated papers, textured papers, wine materials, complex aluminum triplexes and design papers are widely used.

We possess one of the most modern fleets of the printing equipment, and our employees are always ready to qualitatively perform work of any complexity in due time. You can find all the necessary contact information and order the calculation on our website.

Labels for the petrochemical industry

Labels for the petrochemical industry are one of the most popular types of label products. The requirements of petrochemical companies are significantly different from those of cosmetic, medical and food companies, which is primarily due to the use of labels in corrosive environments. Generally, labels for the petrochemical industry are printed on polyethylene materials. Polyethylene is elastic and easily takes the form of tubes and canisters, but this property complicates the printing process itself.

Labels for medicines

Production of labels for medical products requires knowledge both in the field of printed products security and in the field of brand security. Falsification in the market of medicines is a big problem for pharmaceutical enterprises.

Our company has many years of experience in the production of secure printing products, including labels for medicines. We can implement ideas of varying complexity: equipping labels with radio frequency labels, digital personalization, creating a register of produced labels in conjunction with a unique identification number of the electronic media and much more.

For the tax stamps security, our company offers technical and technological solutions that include time-tested security systems described in the order of the Ministry of Finance datedFebruary 7, 2003 № 14N, using the hardware component for multi-level authentication.

Food labels

Food labels are printed products, the security volume of which can assess the demand and gastronomic preferences of compatriots throughout the country. The printing quality of the product label should ensure reliable reading of each printed element in the text, and the quality of the self-adhesive material should fully comply with the packaging.

Labels for consumer goods (cosmetics and household chemicals)

Labels for cosmetic products and household chemicals are both advertising and consumer information carriers. Manufacturers of cosmetic products have special requirements for the design of packaging and labels on it. Brand colors of cosmetic companies are listed in the personal brand book, which defines all Pantone colors logo design requirements and the various carrier options.

Shrink-sleeve labels

Shrink-sleeve labels give their products expressiveness, gift status, product attractiveness, thereby increasing the competitive advantages of the product.

The print quality of the shrink-sleeve label should ensure reliable reading of each printed element in the text after the material shrinkage and the shrinkage quality of the material should be fully consistent with the packaging.

We possess one of the most high-tech fleet of printing equipment, and our employees are always to qualitatively to perform work of any complexity in due time:

  • design of glass containers in full size;
  • design of plastic containers in full size;
  • solutions to prevent illegal opening of containers;
  • protect the product with a protective function;
  • production of promotional gifts complete with the goods;
  • production of functional shrink-sleeve labels.

We use materials such as PET, PVC, OPS and PLA to produce labels

The "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" company offers extensive printing and finishing products to ensure its maximum appeal:

  • work with metallic paints and pigments;
  • use of matte, glossy, stencil varnishes;
  • foil stamping;
  • applying shrink-sleeve labels to containers.
  • Shrink-sleeve labels create the effect of direct printing and provide the possibility of decorating containers of complex shapes.

Термоусадочные этикетки создают эффект прямой печати и обеспечивают возможность декорирования тары сложной формы.

Labels for promotions, labeling, Russification and co-packing, stickers and inserts

Our equipment allows us to generate any database of variable information, barcodes and QR-codes, as well as apply personal information in any color (including different colors on the same label).

In-mould labels

In-mould labels are applied to the cover of the package, the lower and side surfaces of plastic containers of various shapes - both on the entire surface and on its part. Polymer raw materials (PP, PE, PS, PET and others) are used for the production of fused labels.

Flexible packaging

The "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" company provides high quality packaging that secures the product from damage. We produce the following types of flexible packaging:

  1. packing in three-seam "flow-pack" package for FFS and HFS units;
  2. flexible packaging for stand-up packets;
  3. top coating film;
  4. films from bio-raw materials for various applications;
  5. Starsaver (our alternative solution for aluminium laminated films);
  6. Starblocker (our MOSH/MOAH-security of fragrance/product);
  7. more than 300 different types of material of different density

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