Traditional technologies

Our company uses both innovative and traditional technologies of producing books, labels and other printed materials in its work.

We produce books, various offset products, self-adhesive, shrink-sleeve, fused labels for alcohol, pharmaceutical and perfume industries, food, household chemicals and other areas with the help of traditional technologies.

Our company offers a wide range of post-printing finishing services and uses special effects in the production: multilevel and blind stamping, congreve, tactile varnishes, textured materials and texture imitation, metallized materials and effects.

The ability to use all major printing and finishing technologies, as well as their combinations, provides a unique result, thanks to which the customer's product will not go unnoticed.

Rotogravure printing

The essence of the method is to transfer the image to the printed material from the printing form, where the printing elements are deepened in relation to the blank elements.

Due to the thickness of the paint layer, rotogravure printing makes the protective elements more reliable and wear-resistant. This method is well suited for printing labels. Its main advantages include:

  • high print quality and resolution,
  • high-quality printing of solid white substrates,
  • ability to print endless images,
  • low cost of printing for large print runs.

Digital printing

Soon we are going to start producing part of the printed products digitally. To do this, it is planned to purchase new equipment that will allow us to work with a minimum number of copies and without the preparation costs.

Offset printing

Despite the great attention to innovation, we carry out many orders using offset printing. Its advantages include:

  • minimum restrictions,
  • accurate color reproduction,
  • productivity and economy.

Our products:

  1. Books
    Many years of experience allows us to perform offset printing of books in hard (printed and laminated cover) and soft (adhesive) bindings.
  2. Newspapers
    We produce economical full-colour and black-and-white printing of A2, A3, A4 newspapers of variable periodicity.
  3. Diaries, notebooks, booklets, brochures, posters and other products
    We offer on-demand printing of booklets, handbills, leaflets, flyers and other offset products.
  4. Calendars
    We produce calendars of the following types:
    • Wall-mounted calendars – horizontal and vertical ones; one-sided and double-sided printing.
    • Poster calendars – A1, A2 or A3 sheets, both with lamination and without it.
    • Quarter – standard wall type.
    • Desktop calendars-houses – bent A4 sheet, which is placed on the table.
    • Pocket calendars – small size calendars
  5. Magazines
    We produce magazines of popular formats. Circulation, quality of printing materials and the option of bonding unit (staple bonding or adhesive seamless bonding) are at the customer's discretion.

Screen printing

Screen printing (silkscreen) is a method of reproducing texts and images using a screen printing plate through which the paint penetrates the printed material. It is used to create relief and give volume to individual elements of the image. Printing can be done on all types of papers and plastics using UV-cured, solvent or water paints. For decoration you can apply the varnish with a high refractive index, medium abrasive lacquers, gloss and matte lacquers, varnishes, wrinkle effect, as well as any customer`s lacquers. The designs studio of our company can develop and offer various solutions in the field of packaging and prepare the files developed by the customer for printing.

Flexographic printing

Flexographic printing is a method of letterpress printing using drying liquid paints. It`s effective in the production of self-adhesive labels. Advantages of flexography include: high print quality, accurate color matching, color saturation, detailed reproduction of small elements, low printing cost, high printing speed and a wide range of printed materials.


This is the process of pressing a special film on a printed sheet to give it shine and rigidity. Lamination makes products more resistant to external influences.

Hot carbonation

Hot carbonation is hot pressing of carbon paint on the reverse side of the product. It`s used to create a self-copying effect, also ensures the product durability.

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