Documents with security features

Disposable seal sticker with multi-level protection for FSUE "Russian Post”

The multilayered protective seal sticker for "Russian Post" was developed in "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" own research laboratory with participation of employees of the St. Petersburg University n.a. Professor M. A. Bonch-Bruevich (the former Leningrad Electrotechnical Institute of communication). It allowed to completely abandon the sealing wax, which postal workers have used since the time of Ivan the terrible. The patent RU № 2343560 was received for the invention.

The seal is made on the machine which was specially made in Switzerland for the LLC "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" publishing house.

The security multi-layer seal-sticker contains the bearing, adhesive and covering layers. They are connected by a connecting layer located between them, distributed along the edge of the carrier, and in separate sections between the layers to form non-adhesive cavities.

Key security elements:

  1. VOID effect
    The VOID security film exhibits a non-erasable word "VOID” in the destruction of the inner adhesive layer
  2. Security threads secured in a taut state
    In case of damage, the ends of the threads irreversibly diverge
  3. Multilevel security notches
    When there's an attempt to separate the seal from the carrier, it is irreversibly destroyed

Disposable number security seal-sticker

Numbered security seal-sticker serves as an indicator of opening: it is destroyed when there's an attempt to violate the integrity of the package. It is used for all types of cargo transportation, storage of goods in warehouses, documents archiving– wherever it is required to secure the package from opening.

Warranty cards

Warranty cards are products that do not have a specific, approved Ministerial form. The form of the warranty card can be issued on ordinary paper with the use of single-color printing. Its appearance largely depends on the creativity of the customer and their personal approach to document management. Details of the form in many cases are similar to each other: as a rule, they contain the legal address of the company and the addresses of service centers. Everything is individual in matters of forms design and finishing. Many customers use holographic labels in the form of a company logo, some choose foil stamping and simultaneous congreve stamping and embossing, while others prefer the embossing with general purpose holographic foil etc., Each company chooses its own style. The printing format can be anything from the traditional A4 format to the folded forms for small packages.

Self-contained envelopes

The technology of self-contained envelopes is used all over the world. Compared with traditional letters in envelopes, they have a number of advantages, the most significant of which is the price. The cost of manufacturing and postal delivery of such products is almost twice lower, which is significant in mass mailings.

LLC "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" develops, produces, and seals self-contained envelopes, providing the customer with the product completely prepared to dispatch. For the production of postal items, the letter sheet is folded and, depending on the degree of document confidentiality, glued to one or more sides.

Self-laminating form – ID-document

We produce form blanks of various formats (from A6 to A4) with sets of lamination packages with pre-applied glue. They can also be equipped with a security holographic film, increasing the degree of security. The customer can personify the forms themselves on the printer and seal in the finished document.

A plasticized card can be integrated into the form, that is, to make the ID document (e.g., temporary ID in case of loss of the main document), you can use the form in the entrance systems, when the owner’s photo is required; in startup projects, when the systems are developed and the ability to quickly change design combined with the overwriting of electronic filing cards is required.

This patented technology allows to create cards similar to plastic ones and personalize them on a regular printer in the office, which is not possible with conventional plastic cards.

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