RFID technologies

RFID technologies are widely used in payment systems, transport logistics systems, as well as for accounting and storage of material values

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term for technologies that use radio waves to receive and transmit unique information about a monitored object. You can select only one object from a variety of similar objects or obtain information about the individual properties and characteristics of the object under control.

The RFID system includes several components:

  1. RFID tags
    They consist of a chip and an antenna, serve as the main carrier of information about the object under control.
  2. Reader
    It is designed to exchange (read and write) information with marks on the working radio frequency of the RFID system.
  3. System server
    It is a computer with software that allows you to receive, store, organize information about labels and communicate with external consumers of information.

Radio-frequency identification is one of the directions of the electronic industry, which predetermined the development of payment systems, transport logistics systems, agriculture, accounting and storage of material values.

The most striking projects in the world practice are PayPass payment system from MasterCard and PayWave from Visa. The largest project in Europe using RFID technologies was implemented in the Moscow metro. Railway station lockers are equipped with sensors that read the radio frequency tag, all modern access control systems are also organized with the help of various smart tags.

RFID tags are integrated into self-adhesive labels, tags, cards, bracelets, stickers and are used for:

  • transport cards and payment cards,
  • identification documents,
  • access control system,
  • logistics automation systems,
  • warehouse management and accounting,
  • protection against counterfeiting and theft of goods.

The technology of radio frequency identification (RFID) has found wide application in the social sphere: in the new biometric passports of the Russian Federation, social cards that record the receipt of various benefits by their owners.

Any user information can be recorded and overwritten in the RFID tag. The unique code of the label can`t be forged, changed or erased, it is very resistant to mechanical and other influences.

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