Plastic and paper cards, products with RFID system

"Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" carries out full production cycle of plastic cards from design development to the immediate issue of the finished products circulation. High-tech equipment allows us to produce the following types of cards:

  1. cards with contact, contactless and dual interface,
  2. magnetic stripe cards,
  3. cards with unique means of visual and digital protection,
  4. cards with microprocessor,
  5. Bank cards of EMV-standard,
  6. keys for hotels,
  7. passes,
  8. discount card,
  9. gift certificate,
  10. loyalty cards,
  11. contactless paper smart cards,
  12. laminate contactless smart card,
  13. transport cards.

One of the largest customers of our company is the Moscow metro. We also produce cards for other transport systems operating in many Russian cities. "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" produces products with RFID-system for different applications: travel, fuel cards, school / student cards, key cards for hotels and storage rooms, ski passes, parking for parking lots, season tickets for fans, social/state cards, loyalty cards (discount, bonus, gift).

HF 13.56 MHz high-frequency RFID tags are used where large amounts of data need to be transmitted. Scope of these labels includes:

  • transport and payment smart cards;
  • identification documents (passport, driver's license and others);
  • access control systems for staff and visitors;
  • automation systems of logistics, libraries and archives, retail trade (inventory of goods, warehouse movements accounting).

HF-tags are produced in the form of stickers, cards, bracelets, key chains. The products are characterized by low cost, high quality and have a wide range of solutions for different requirements and purposes.

LF 125 kHz low-frequency RFID tags are used where a small distance between the object and the reader is acceptable. Scope of application:

  • access control systems,
  • automation of identification on assembly lines in industrial production,
  • animal identification.

Reading equipment and labels of this type first appeared in the late 80-ies of the last century, but are widely used now

Field of application of UHF 860-920 MHz ultrahigh frequency RFID tags:

  • identification and control of moving objects in real time (accounting of vehicles, rail cars);
  • warehouse and logistics (tracking the location of goods, receiving and shipping, supply management).

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