Lottery tickets production

Our company produces tickets of different types of lotteries using all necessary security technologies that completely exclude the possibility of unauthorized reading of hidden information.

Production of lottery tickets is one of the main activities of the "Polygraph-Zashchita SPb" company. The instant, draw and numeric lotteries tickets relate to the level "B" security printing and are produced on security paper with exclusive watermarks with use of letterpress and inkjet printing method. The product can be made in the form of stitched books with any desired number of tickets. In the manufacture of lottery tickets with removable coating, the so-called "scratch layer", the technologies and materials that completely exclude the possibility of unauthorized reading of the information being closed are used. Graphic security elements, as well as IR and UV paints allow you to identify the lottery ticket authenticity.

Lottery ticket structure:

  1. paper,
  2. black opaque paint,
  3. white opaque paint,
  4. graphic security complex,
  5. variable information,
  6. release lacquer,
  7. black scratch paint,
  8. white scratch paint,
  9. full seal over the scratch paint,
  10. numeration.

The graphic security complex is applied using the offset method:

  • microtexts (positive and negative), perceived as design elements in the form of solid thin lines;
  • guilloche elements with iris roll, giving a smooth transition from one color to another;
  • graphic elements visible only in UV and IR radiation.

The variable information containing information about the win, pins, barcodes and other elements is applied with inkjet printing with special ink.

Flexographic printing method allows to apply:

  • protective layer that makes the printed canvas completely opaque for any kind of scanning; this allows you to use any paper with a density of 80 to 300 g / m2, including watermarks for the manufacture of lottery tickets;
  • special release lacquer;
  • opaque easily removable security layer – the scratch layer that retains its properties for a long time;
  • color image printed over scratch layer.

Numbering on the tickets is carried out by letterpress mechanical numbering devices or inkjet printing with the use of special security inks.

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