Railway tickets

One of our activities is the production of tickets and froms. The company fully provides printing forms of travel documents to JSC "Russian Railways".

We produce the forms of travel and transportation documents in accordance with the forms approved by the order of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation dated August 5, 2008 № 120.

Tickets are made in the form of slips, interconnected with a special glue, one layer is made on security paper with a watermark, the other layers are made on self-copying (microcapsular) paper. Watermarked paper also contains visible protective fibers, fibers visible in UV radiation, and chemical security.

All forms of tickets have an original composition, which is based on special guilloche patterns-graphic drawings formed by periodic lines (their shape is determined by a mathematical regularity) and printed with the use of iris.

The microfonts and special inks that exhibit their properties under certain physico-chemical effects are used in the production of ticket forms.

Ticket forms have a 14-digit numbering and barcodes made by special numerators by the method of high printing in strict accordance with the code of the form.

The following is applied on the forms:

  • original hot stamping hologram with register,
  • Congreve (relief) embossing,
  • microperforation.

Technological equipment of our company allows to satisfy the highest requirements of the International Committee of railway transport (CRT). The exceptional features include the equipment that allows to apply the hologram with register to the ticket form; equipment that punches micro perforation holes with a diameter of 80 microns; equipment that allows to do microembossing. Traditional technologies include operations to create a security complex of "A", "B" and "C" levels, as well as slip forms with copy layers.

Our company monitors the changes taking place in the international market of ticket and forms. As a result, in 2014, together with VNIIZHT, we developed a universal form that combines such qualities as information content and security, and allowed to withdraw outdated multilayer forms for various purposes from circulation. To continue the topic development, the company's management decided to purchase equipment for the production of chip strict accountability forms.

Entrance tickets

Entrance ticket is a document certifying the right to attend a paid event or receive a paid service, such as the possibility of travel by public transport.

Entrance tickets are made in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation ("On the peculiarities of the ticket economy functioning in the field of culture and art of the Russian Federation").

Entrance tickets made according to the original design with the use of secure printing technologies are an effective marketing solution for event organizers.

Tickets for mass sports and theatrical and concert events are printed products of strict accountability. Orders of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation dated December 8, 2008 № 231 and December 17, 2008 № 257 approved forms of strict accountability "Cinem ticket", "Ticket", "Season ticket" and" Excursion ticket".

Security paper or thermal paper is used in the tickets production. Variable information is performed by inkjet printing using special ink.

The list of documents that must be provided when ordering tickets.

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